Fairs are opportunities for you to represent to potential buyers. It is often necessary to design fair exhibition in order to be noticed. Trend in organizing fair manifestations is replacing PVC materials with textile materials. In addition to having much better ecological component, textile products are lighter and easier to use and maintenance.


GMT Company can equip your stand completely with all necessary advertising elements such as: tentssunshade umbrellatelescopic mastbeach flag,..i dr.


opremanje sajmova sator brending
opremanje sajmova suncobran gmt beli
opremanje sajmova teleskopski jarboli gmt
opremanje sajmova beach flag gmt stampa


Our professional team will adjust your desires and needs, whilst printing in high resolution in full color will highlight your brand, logo or any other design. Products such as: Roll up, various bannersdisplay wall ili pop up counter with your logo can be one of elegant way of exhibiting on fairs. Fair manifestations allow decorating stands with textile banner, posters and other products from our assortment.


We recommend:


opremanje sajmova roll up gmt

Roll up

opremanje sajmova baner avon gmt print


opremanje sajmova display wall shopping day gmt print

Display wall

opremanje sajmova pop up counter gmt print

Pop up counter

3D modeli

3D models can be an original way of presenting your products in promotions on various fairs and manifestations. 3D models are manufactured in desired shape and size. Due to its sizes, 3D model will be perfect advertisement for your product.



opremanje sajmova 3d model cips

3d model

opremanje sajmova 3d model corn flakes

3d model

sajam opremanje 3d model palenta

3d model

opremanje sajmova 3d model brending o'cake

3d model

GMT Company can equip your stand director’s tables and chairs with your logo or brand as you prefer. In our rich product offer you can find lazy bag armchairs and tabourets that are manufactured in several shapes and sizes. Printing in full color with various motifs will contribute to your promotion whilst lazy bag or tabourets will be an elegant fit on the stand.



sajam opremanje lazy bag global citizen plavi

Lazy bag

sajam opremane tabure zaobljeni drveno bure imitacija stampa gmt


opremanje sajmova tabure kocka sarena gmt


sajam oprema rediteljske stolice brending avon gmt stampa

Director’s chairs

For promoters we can manufacture advertising kerchiefs – sashesadvertising scarves i druge proizvode iz našeg asortimana. and other items from our assortment. Especially for you we can manufacture promotion sets with your logo or brand, that can be very elegant gift ( advertising cushionsadvertising apronscloths for glassesadvertising bagspennants… )



sajam opremanje esarpa brending gmt


opremanje sajmova reklamni jastuci

Advertising pillows

reklamne kecelje sajam opremanje

Advertising aprons

opremanje sajmova reklamna torba gmt print

Advertising bags

Call us and we will equip you fair stand at the most favorable price. 


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