Another product that GMT Company proudly outlines from its offer are branded tents. Numerous options we offer for manufacturing tents allow unique way of your representation to potential clients. Due to favorable prices, promotion tents are increasingly used for different events, both, indoors and outdoors. Branded tents are used for exhibiting in fairs, during manifestations, competitions and other events. In addition to promotive, tents also have practical use to protection from rain or sun.


Tent Classic
2,5×2,5m or 3x3m

Tent Premium
3x3m or 3x6m

Tent Star
h5m,O 8m

Plasticized metal framework is easy to assemble ( disassemble ) and can be transported in passengers vehicle. Framework we currently have in stock are 300x300x200cm and 300x600x200cm.
Tent canvas is waterproof antistatic180 – 240 g/m2polyester, resistant to dirt and UV radiation.


Tent Classic/Tent Premium

Tent Star

Digital printing in full color allows clear and elegant outlining of your brand or logo. Printing is steady and allows long period of tent exploitation.


Tent framework can be used for numerous campaigns and events. By changing design ( rebranding ) we can change current design and represent clients in other way.


Our professional team will make full design for your advertising tent. Combination ( branded ) of printed sides and roof of tents will be adjusted to your request.


Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

Model 4

Model 5

Model 6

In addition to tents, you can post beach flag or telescopic mast with flag, bean bag armchairs, director’s chairs, or 3D models ( printed and made in form of your product ).