Advertising aprons are often use as a part of uniform in catering and attractive promotion gift. We offer manufacturing aprons with printing in full color with desired motifs in several dimensions.

Aprons with brand or company logo are often seen on bartenders, waiters, chefs. They are ideal gift for restaurants, coffee shops and stores.

They are often used while filming cooking shows where aprons show brands. Advertising aprons are used on tastings and many promotions.

Apron with a logo will be nice and useful gift for business partners, clients, employees, etc. Kid’s aprons are practical for creative workshops, kindergartens, schools.

reklamne kecelje stampa delta ice cream

Advertising aprons

reklamne kecelje stampa jamie oliver

Advertising aprons

reklamne kecelje stampa kratka crno zlatna

Advertising aprons

reklamne kecelje stampa gmt jelen dugacka

Advertising aprons

Your logo and design will be adjusted to a model you chose. Materials used for manufacturing aprons can be shiny and matt. Number of colors is not limited, so printing can be in one, several colors, and full color. Aprons sizes depend on model and shape of apron. Pockets and other details can be made pursuant your request. Owing the largest capacities on our market, we can offer you all textile articles at the most favorable prices.



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