Supporters scarves are consisting part on sport events. Your supporters scarf shows enthusiasm and love for your club, favorite team, or your country. We print supporters scarf is colors of the club, with a logo – name of club or as preference. We manufacture them from two types of materials. We offer you very favorable price of supporters scarf made of light materials ( standard 120gr./m2 polyester ) visible on both sides ( mirror system ).


Supporter’s scarves are manufactured from crepe satin. These scarves have representative looks. They are made as double scarves, and can be decorated with fringes as desired. Colors on this material are intense, steady and make impressive looks.


Supporter’s scarves are manufactured in two basic dimensions 120×15 cm. and 150×15 cm. Scarves can be manufactured in other dimensions as requested by buyer.
We offer the most favorable prices of printing and manufacturing supporter’s scarves. You can get other supporters props ( supporters, clubs and captain’s flags ).


navijacki salovi

Supporter’s scarves

fudbalski navijacki_salovi_gmt

Supporter’s scarves

klubski salovi stampa

Supporter’s scarves

kosarkaski navijacki sal

Supporter’s scarves


Advertising scarves are increasingly used in promotion purposes. Scarf shows that you belong to a company, organization, event. Advertising scarf can be elegant detail about the person who carries it. Scarfs can be nice gifts for business partners or employees. Advertising scarves are ideal for promoters, exhibitors on fairs and other manifestations. Price of advertising scarves is very favorable.


They are made of crepe satin that due to its gloss gives this product elegant looks. Digital printing allows printing full color in high resolution, and scarves can be decorated with fringes in different colors. Advertising scarves are manufactured in two dimensions 120×15 cm. and 150×15 cm. but can be manufactured in other dimensions pursuant to your request.


You can also get other advertising items at very favorable prices: advertising pillows, sashes, beach flags, advertising tablecloths, lazy bags, flags and other. Be original.



reklamni salovi stampa riblja corba

Advertising scarves

salovi srbija stampa gmt

Advertising scarves

reklamni salovi stampa

Advertising scarves



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