GMT Company continuously work on expanding offer of its products. This is why we included printing and manufacturing of sunshade umbrellas. Manufacturing of sunshade umbrellas used to be much more complex process. Today, digital printing allows manufacturing sunshade umbrellas even in small series. All this resulted in lowering costs, and today sunshade umbrellas are available for own needs, and, restaurants. In addition to sun protection, they are also great advertising tool for representing a brand, company, etc. Restaurants can now print own logo on sunshade umbrella. Sunshade umbrella with printing according to client’spreference can be used in any promotion purpose, drawing attention of passersby. We offer several models of sunshade umbrellas with the most favorable price of printing and manufacturing.


Piktogram suncobran Classic 3x3m

Clasic strong

Piktogram suncobran Classic 3.5x3.5m

Clasic strong

Piktogram suncobran Beach fi180

Standard beach
fi 180cm


Canvas used for manufacturing and printing sunshade umbrellas is specially made for that purpose. Material is waterproof with UV protection, as well as protection from mold and dust (antistatic). Canvas used for printing sunshade umbrellas weights 180 – 240 gr/m2.



Slika platna

Prikaz platna

Vodonepropusna skica


Digital printing in high resolution allows quality printing u full color. Colors are dispersive which leads to penetration ( absorption ) of color, due to which printing is very steady. We can conform your logo or design to a model of sunshade umbrellas, and pursuant to your preference we can print entire top side of sunshade umbrellas and flounces. If you want, we can print only on flounces. Sunshade umbrellas can be monochromatic. Sunshade umbrellas are made of solid aluminum frameworking several sizes and shapes. The most durable and the most reliable framework is made of high-quality aluminum, which is simple to use, move around and adjusting. We manufacture sunshade umbrellas with several types of mechanisms for opening and closing.



Suncobran Classic strong četvrtasti opis i konstrukcija

Clasic strong 3.5×3.5

Suncobran Classic strong četvrtasti opis i konstrukcija

Clasic strong 3×3

Suncobran beach fi180 okrugao opis i konstrukcija

Standard beach fi180cm


Concrete bases for sunshade umbrellas are adjusted to size and type of sunshade umbrellas.


In addition to sales of fully printed sunshade umbrellas, we can also offer rebranding sunshade umbrellas ( replacing canvas with print ). We can offer you the most favorable prices for printing canvas for sunshade umbrellas.


Along with sunshade umbrellas you can order branded lazy bags, in different shapes and sizes. Ideal way of promoting along sunshade umbrella are beach flags framework with your flag. Directors table and chairs can be very interesting detail in combination with sunshade umbrellas. Cushions for benches and chairs (pads) can be printed in full color. In our offer we have several types of advertising aprons, , and their size will be adjusted to your needs. Tablecloths and table covers are printed as requested with a company logo. Sizes of tablecloths will be adjusted to your needs.



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