At very favorable prices, GMT Company manufactures lazy bags and taboures with printing as preferred, different dimensions and forms.


The lazy bag offers great possibilities being it’s practical for you to display your logo, brand or message. Coffee shops, beaches, nurseries, playgrounds and spaces for relaxing can offer experience to their users using lazy bags, taboures or cubes. In recent years, lazy bag armchairs have great popularity, because they bring some serenity and simplicity into space. Tabouret made of polyurethane foam in different dimensions and shapes ( roller, cube, etc. ), are ideal for decorating spaces, advertising products or brand, whilst maintaining their basic purpose – comfortable sitting.


Lazy bag

Lazy bag pašteta

Lazy bag jastuk

Small tabouret



Classic lazy bag armchairs are manufactures in three sizes S, M, L. In addition to classic model we offer lazy bag armchairs on shape of a pillow, taboure, cube or roller. GMT Company prints lazy bag armchairs in one or several colors to full color in high resolution.


We offer you option of printing logo, brand, name or motif on lazy bag armchair to elegantly fit into any ambient. We remind you that the colors are ecological, water – based, whilst sublimation printing secures steadiness to tear, washing and UV radiation.


Materials used for manufacturing lazy bag armchairs are 200 – 240 gr/m2 polyester. These materials can be waterproof which is particularly practical if used outdoors. These materials are resistant on molds. Lazy bag armchairs are 2/3 filled with Styrofoam granules of the finest quality. Styrofoam balls are considered to be the latest ecological, antibacterial and hypoallergenic material.
Balls enable that Lazy bag armchair forms against the body, following its moves and due to this is recommended to people with spinal and neck pain. Regardless of size, lazy bag is easy to transport. It is ideal for comfortable sitting, laying, resting while reading the book, watching TV….


Classic tabouret

Cube tabouret

Square tabouret

Roll tabouret


Maintenance of lazy bag armchairs:
Material it is made of is easy for maintenance, so dust and stains can be removed with mild detergent solution for washing clothes or showering in bathtub. It is dried and squeezed by exposing to sun and air. It is not recommendable to use aggressive chemical solutions, brushes and wires because they can cause damage. Sharp items and direct sources of heat can also lead to damaging Lazy bag. Also, it is not recommended to remove balls from armchair during wash.


GMT Company izrađuje taburee od specijalne poliuretanske pene. Ovi proizvodi idealni su za sajamske manifestacije, lokale, prodajna mesta, kafiće, igraonice, domove i razne druge prostore. Digitalna štampa visoke rezolucije u punom koloru obezbeđuje realističan prikaz vašeg brenda, logotipa ili bilo kog drugog motiva po Vašoj želji.


Taburei mogu biti kockastog,valjkastog ili pravougaonog oblika. Štampa na modelima može biti sa svih strana. Slaganjem više kocki možete dobiti sliku velikog formata, koja može poslužiti kao promotivan zid ili pult. Ovo praktično rešenje privlači izuzetnu pažnju na promocijama i sajamskim nastupima.






GMT Company manufactures tabourets from special polyurethane foam. These products are ideal for fair manifestations, stores, sales points, coffee shops, playgrounds, homes and many other spaces. Digital printing in high resolution in full color secures realistic display of your brand, logo or any other motif as you prefer. Tabourets can be cube, roller or rectangular shape. Printing on models can be from all sides. By fitting several cubes you can get a large format image that can be used as promotion wall or counter. This practical solution draws exceptional attention on promotions and fair exhibitions. Polyurethane foam is coated with printing 200 – 240 gr/m2 textile material that can be removed for easy maintenance, and allows easy rebranding ( changing print ). Portability of polyurethane foam is up to 100 kg, which secures comfortable and safe using. Polyurethane foam is light, due to which transport and moving around of tabourets is simple and easy. Colors are water – based and have all certificates of being safe for people’s health.


We can offer you favorable price for manufacturing tabourets. You only need to call us and you will get an offer in the shortest possible term.




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