BANDANNA – Facecover


Windstopper will leave you breathless same as each passenger. The bandannas are very popular in the world with unique print only for you. Bandannas are famous under armors for various kinds of sports, phantom caps, masks, wind stoppers, etc.

We manufacture bandannas printed upon your wish by digital sublimation technology where you are not limited by the minimum quantity. Bandannas are sewn and printed in several models and sizes. Printing is in full color and it is resistant to all atmospheric impacts. The used material is stretch 100% polyester specially processed for this kind of products. It is elastic material absorbing sweat and it is easy to dry.


Bandana crna skull red


Bandana crvena tigar print


Decija bandana miki maus plava


bandana 2 800x600



We have bandannas in sizes for children and adults. They are multifunctional and can be used in all sports for recreation and fun. They can be applied as ski bandanas, snowboard bandannas, as a cap for fishermen, bikers, hunters, pirates, etc.


Buying our bandannas you will get the manual with instructions for use. Promotional bandannas offer the possibility to wear them as a cap, wristbands, as a shawl, as under helmet cap, and a headband. These bandannas offer the possibility to protect you against the sun, wind, frost, and insects.



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