Not any battle could be gone into without a flag. It was a great shame to return home without flags. Many lives were lost so flag of batch, regiment or brigade, wouldn’t be taken by the enemy. As a sanctity, flag reminded soldiers what are they fighting for, what do they defend.
Flags welcomed winners. Flags sendoff heroes.


Due to this, it is our duty to preserve a memory for those who defended and kept the flag.

Military flags, flags of units of the Military of Serbia or units of Police RS we print and manufacture according to clearly defined standards proscribed by the Ministry of RS or Police Department. War flags, colonel’sflags and flags of units are in 1:1 ratio.


Military flags

Military flags

Military flags

Due to moderntechnology and use of special textile materials, the only on the market of Serbia who can create replicas of many war and military flags. Any replica is made according to original measures, with preserving patinagained during decades of use and keeping. Military historical flags are printed and manufactured in all dimensions and shapes. We are the only one on the market who use special materials which give flags archaic looksand special warmth.


War flags

War flags

War flags


Materials on which we manufacture and print military flags are specially prepared for that purpose. Depending on use of flag, we manufacture them on polyester or crepe satin of 115 – 220 gr. Flags are decorated with fringesin color defined under regulations of the Military of RS.

Tapes for military flags are made of crepe satin 140gr. or polyester materials 200gr. Tape is decorates with yellow or gold fringes. Tape is printed as tricolor, with coat-of-arms of RS printed in the bottom of tape.



Spear tip

Spear tip pennant

Flags of Military of RS are posted on spears made of brass. Spear tip ( finial ) is decorated with coat-of-arms of RS.





Pursuant of your needs, we can offer military or war flags at very favorable prices.



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