The Roll up is a widely known construction and the type of advertising product that is present in almost all spheres of advertising and sales. Our company has recently started the production of Roll up banners from textile materials with full color printing. The advantages of such a roll up are very significant. Namely, textiles provide a higher durability of printing, reduce wear during multi-purpose use and reduce the possibility of the printing getting damaged. The material on which is printed on is 180gr banner polystyrene, it is treated using thermoforming and the banner that was prepared this way is then mounted on the structure.


The sizes of textile roll up banners are: 200 × 85cm, 200 × 100 cm , 200x120cm



roll up duo display sistemi gmt | roll up duo display systems gmt

Roll Up –Textile

reklamni display sistemi roll up tekstilni gmt

Roll Up –Textile


Pdf roll up duo manual
Pdf roll up duo specification



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