These are the perfect display systems for manifestations and events where setting up advertising quickly is important. These pop up displays are easy to transport and set up.

The printing is done with digital sublimation in full color on a polyester material. The printed fabric is fitted with hook-and-loop fasteners which are used to mount the fabric onto the construction.

After the end of the event, you do not have to remove the fabric, as the construction folds up in one click with the fabric still on, and fits into its appropriate bag.

When reusing it, it you only need to fold out the structure and the fabric unfurls along with it, i.e., it tightens.


Several models are available

Backwall pop up tekstilni paravan 2x2

Display wall 2×2

Backwall pop up tekstilni paravan 2x3

Display wall 2×3

Backwall pop up tekstilni paravan 4x3

Display wall 4×3

Backwall Tekstilni paravan 2x2 specifikacija

Backwall 2×2-Pop up

Backwall Tekstilni paravan 2x3 specifikacija

Backwall 2×3-Pop up

Backwall Tekstilni paravan Backdrop 4x3 specifikacija

Backwall 4×3-Pop up

Creation of advertising back walls

The construction is made of very high durability aluminum, a mesh structure and it folds and unfolds with one click (in almost just one second). The client is provided with the following options: print on the front only, print on the front and on both of the ventral sides and print on the front, ventral and back side.



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