The pop up counter is a simple and fast folding design for promotions and fair events. On the inside of it there is a space for storing promo materials. The construction consists of aluminum click parts which are easy to assemble, acrylic plates, boards for shelves, stretch textiles and a bag. The fabric with the printed design mounts over the counter and is fastened in the back, so that you have a counter that is ready to use in just a few seconds. Another advantage of having printed textile on pop up counters in addition to the ease of setting them up is that the fabric is easy to replace as well as being easier to transport now that the polypropylene boards and magnets are not making it heavier. The print is done with digital sublimation, is very resistant to wear and can be washed.


Reklamni pult pop up counter

Promo counter-pult

Reklamni display sistem Pop up counter-pult specifikacija

Promo counter-pult



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