If you want to properly draw attention or visibly mark your location, GMT Company offers practical solutions. Favorable prices of telescopic mast allow you to distinguish yourself during promotions and participation on festivals, fairs, and other manifestations. If you opt for facade mast, you can visibly mark place of your company by putting a flag with your logo.




Telescopic mast with flag is ideal mobile advertisement. It is made of aluminum, up to 5,9m in height. It has G carrier, weight and adequate stand. It is easy to move around and practical for use, both indoors and outdoors. We have two models of telescopic masts. Telescopic mast with reservoir filled with sand or water, and telescopic mast with stopper. Recommended dimensions of flags for telescopic mast is 300×110 cm and 300×80 cm. If telescopic mast is used outdoors, they can resist wind strikes up to 28 km/h.


teleskopski jarboli brendiranje gmt stampa

Telescopic mast

teleskopski jarboli gmt stampa

Telescopic mast


Facade masts are mostly placed on facades of the official institutions, embassies, educational facilities. It is ideal is you can’t mount classic mast. Facade mast is designed for mounting flag on wall of facility. Facade carrier is made of stainless steel. It has a console mounted on the wall, with one, two or three spears. Spearcan be up to 2,2m long, is placed under 45 degree, with decorative ball on the top. Spears for facade carrier are made of steel, stainless steel or wood.

In offer we also have PVC façade masts used for putting smaller flags. PVC facade masts are manufactured white. We will manufacture flags for your telescopic mast or facade carrier at very favorable prices.



fasadni jarbol pvc narandzasti gmt stampa

PVC mast

brendirani fasadni jarbol pvc gmt

PVC mast




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