GMT Company offers printing and manufacturing banners at very favorable prices. Banners are ideal form of representing company, advertising product, service or advertising during events. They allow advertising on festivals, fairs, cultural and sport manifestations. Banners have wide use and can be used both, indoors and outdoors.

Advantage of using banners on textileis their light weight comparing to other materials, wash ability and simple packing.

Piktogram ulični baner

Street banner

Piktogram baneri banderašice

Post banners

Piktogram fasadni baner / baner za ograde GMT Company

Banners for fences/facade

Piktogram baner za skele GMT

Banners for scaffolds

Piktogram paletni baner proizvodnja i brendiranje

Palette banners

Piktogram prekrivka senzormatik

Sensometric banners

Piktogram viseći baner proizvodnja i brendiranje

Susprensions banners

Piktogram Transparent