We are proud that large number of flags, both in the country and abroad are manufactured in our company. Our professional team will have a great pleasure to work on design of your flags, from design to final product. In addition to business flags, we manufacture: state flags, flags of foreign countries, flags of organizations, supporter’s flags, beach flags…


Flags for outdoor decoration are made of polyestermesh thread, weight 115-125gr/m2, country of origin Germany. These materials are very strong and steady, resistant to all weather conditions and UV radiation, prepared for digitalsublimation printing. Flags are visible on both sides with reinforcements on point for suspension. Flags for outdoor use can be: state flags, national flags, flags of foreign countries, flags of organizations, flags with logo (business flags), commercial flags, cty and municipal flags and other.


Outdoor flags

Outdoor flags

Outdoor flags

Outdoor flags


For manufacturing flags for outdoor decorationwe recommend standard and mesh materials.


Standard flag

Mesh flag

Outdoor flags are made in several dimensions, depending on use and way of suspension. Flags for outdoor decorationare mostly raised on mast height 6, 8,10 or 12m, façade carriers or according to client’s special requests. During winter we recommend manufacturing flag on mesh material, as well as lowering flag from mast when winds impacts exceed 45 km/h.


Pursuant to your needs, we can manufacture flags at very favorable prices.



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