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Textile print

Textile print has increasingly wider application in advertising and allows unlimited options for printing on textile. Selection of advertising products is very wide due to multitude of motifs and printing on different materials. We can manufacture the following: advertising aprons, advertising bags, tablecloths for slava and advertisement, supporters and advertising scarves, sashes and other promotions.


We particularly point out that digital sublimation printing satisfies all ecological standards and is not harmful to people’s health. Colors are water based, where thermical fixing results in bonding of molecules to textile. It provides steadiness of colors which are resistant in daily use, and colors don’t fade out with maintenance ( washing and ironing) .


reklamni tekstil kecelja nesquik

Advertising aprons

reklamni tekstil esarpa stampa

Silk scarf

reklamni tekstil bandan marame

Bandanna – Facecover

reklamni tekstil krpica za naocare pepsi

Microfiber glasses cloth

reklamni tekstil podloga za mis


reklamni stolnjak coca cola crveni

Advertising tablecloth

navijacki salovi reklamni tekstil

Fan scarves

reklamni tekstil lente

Sashes personalised

reklamni tekstil torbe

Promotional bags

reklamni tekstil jastuci stampa

Promotional pillows

reklamni tekstil stampa 3d modeli

3D models – textiles