Textile posters look impressive during different promotions, advertising in shopping malls, boutiques, banks, and any other indoor space that gives possibility to put your message on product or service. Textile posters can enrich your living space, because printing on poster realistically displays your favorite photo, replica or motif.



Piktogram - Tekstilni alu frame-15mm

Alu Frame – 15mm

Piktogram - Tekstilni alu LED box-80mm i 120mm

LED Box80mm/ 120mm

Textile posters are recommended for indoor decoration, because they have all necessary certificates of not being harmful for people health and are fire – resistant.


Suspension textile osters are effective advertise ment for indoor spaces such as shopping malls, sales facilities, fair manifestations, congress, sport and cultural centers.


Suspension posters are printed on 120 – 240gr/m2 textile material  (shine or mat ).These materials are ecological and suitable for indoor use. Printing on posters is digital sublimation, which allows you realistically display of your brand, product or message you want to communicate. Finishing of poster will be adjusted to way of suspension: using PVC and click batten. Rims if suspension textile poster are processed thermically and have no seams. Poster replacing is relative leasy without need to disassemble system with ceiling.



tekstilni alu frame 15mm gmt

Alu Frame

tekstilna led box reklama 80 i 120mm gmt

Alu LED Box
80mm i 120mm

Textile posters are ideal for all types of frames ( blind frame, clickf rame, etc. ). Due to its ecological features, textile posters are ideal for decoration of indoor spaces, meeting rooms, conference halls, banks, hotel rooms, and home areas. Digital sublimation printing in high resolution in full color allow realistic printing of any motif ( images of people, brand, product, etc. ).


Textile banners are printed on 125 – 240 gr./m2 materials that have all necessary certificates of not being harmful to people’s health, are fire-resistant and antistatic. Textile materials don’t reflect on direct illumination.


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