You are well aware that GMT Company very often invests in innovative technology and modern equipment in the field of digital printing. In this year, we have rebuilt complete equipment in production with industrial printers for digital printing on textiles. Industrial equipment provides us with high quality prints, high print production and the ability to be competitive on the European market.



The industrial printer with a print width of up to 2.6 m and a press speed of 200 m2 / h (simultaneously with thermo-fixation-line) makes us unique in this region and in the region. With this we provide very high productivity of over 2,500m2 of printing per day.



Printer for digital printing on textiles, very high resolution, with a print width of up to 1.8m and a printing and fixation capacity up to 48 m2 per hour. This printer will provide a realistic look of each color with impressive printing with over 500 m2 per day.



The novelty in our production is also a thermo shift for sublimation printing. Printing on high-resolution sublimation paper in full color is mapped through the calendars, which is also a novelty in our printing house. The Transformer provides the ability to print and display high-resolution motifs, full color for materials that are not pre-ready for direct printing. This type of printing provides the possibility of a better price for the printout and a more favorable price for the final product itself.


A simultaneous novelty in our production is the possibility of printing on cotton materials and materials that are mixed raw materials. We want to emphasize that we are not limited to the format of the press. In other words, we can print on cotton fabrics up to a width of 1.8 m, while the length of the print is not limited. Especially interesting is that the printing is waterproof, which is very important for products such as advertising bags, advertising aprons, umbrellas, tents, awnings, lazy bags and many other textile products.



Calandra of the world-renowned Italian producer: TRANSMATIC, offers a high production of mappings (transfers from the transplant), as well as a wax quality of the print in full color. Through the calendars and presses (imaging irons) we can offer you printing and making: advertising t-shirts, promotional hats, sports equipment, print on bags, mice pads, key rings, pendants with your logo.

More interesting gifts for gifts such as ezarps, advertising scarves, advertising aprons, advertising pads, fan scarves, promotional tablecloths, advertising scarves, eyeglasses and mobile phones can be obtained at us at very reasonable prices.


We want to remind you that in our country at a reasonable price you can make: flags of all kinds and sizes, parasols, tents, beach flag flags, banners of all kinds and sizes, ribbons, rolls and panel curtains, lazy bags of armchairs of various shapes and sizes as well other products from our assortment.