Ski resort equipment – Winter gear

Prepare yourself on time. Equip the ski resorts, skiers and instructors. Make yourself recognizable. Make sure you are visible from any mountain peak and advertise yourself properly.

Our company has in its offer usual novelties on regular basis. This time we suggest the possibility to:

Brand your participants in skiing workshops (printed bibs, helmet covers, ski bandannas, etc.).

– Label ski runs Flags with imprints (beach flags, signal flags, slalom, and snowboard gates).

– Label your fences: Banners with imprints, START and FINISH banners, and textile gates.

We make all your orders in the high-resolution digital print on polyester materials made by the famous German manufacturer. The digital print offers freedom in design and the price depends on no additional colors or advanced design. 

Bandana Helmet cover ski sports
Bibs startni brojevi

Ski bandannas and helmet covers

Bandannas with your logo are very convenient for use while they do not absorb sweat and dry fast. We manufacture them in two models and two sizes for adults and children. They have the possibility to be wear in several ways. Ski bandannas we print on elastic material specially processed for this purpose.

Helmet covers are made of elastic material with print upon your choice. They give you the possibility to be different, to promote your group and to be trendy. We produce them in one size and they can cover helmet of any size.

Jacket bibs – Ski markers – START numbers

Bibs or jacket vests are also one of our products most-wanted during the winter season. We made them of elastic material in sizes for women, men, and children. They are stretchy and able to adapt to any person.

START numbers we print using the high-resolution digital technology providing us the possibility to apply tiny but readable imprints. They are very popular in skiing schools and daycares because when use bibs you separate your group of participants. 

Ski slalom Gate panels GMT Company
Baner za ograde proizvodnja i štampa GMT Company

Gates – Ski and snowboard flags

We can make and print flags with image and imprint upon your wish. The printing is in digital technology on web material and visible on both sides. The materials we apply for skiing flags manufacture are of polyester with a high grade of durability. We can also make slalom/snowboard flags with different modes of hanging. 

Fence banners

Banners for fences are very popular in order to emphasize brand in ski resorts during winter conditions. They are mounted by simply hanging to already installed fences in the ski resorts. We make them of materials with web structure (textile mesh) with high durability regarding rain and wind (aimed for winter conditions). You can also order with us Banners for START and FINISH including the possibility to print your brand or logo.

In addition to the aforementioned products, you can order Led-box textile commercials, flags, masts, tents, parasols, beach flags, roll-ups, advertising aprons, shawls, bags, etc.