Commercial flags are used for promoting company brands. We manufacture them based on furnished design, but team of our designers can draft you a design for your brand flag. They are ideal for promotion activities during fairs, ceremonies, special events.


Commercial or advertising flags can be oriented in full color, allowing realistic brand display, i.e. product you want to present to potential buyers. Advertising flags can be used both indoor and outdoor, depending on need. Commercial flags can be made on different dimensions and shapes. Their finishing is adjusted to place of posting and way of suspension. They can be placed in sales facilities, shopping malls, salons, halls, on open space…


Commercial flags

Commercial flags

Commercial flags

If space in which you organize promotion has no masts for suspension of flag, we offer our clients to rent telescopic mast height 5,9m, used for posting adequate flags dimensions 80×300 cm. Commercial flags can be placed on framework for beach flag that we have in our offer.

Pursuant to your needs, we can offer you commercial flags at very favorable prices..




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