GMT company is general representative of renowned Swedish mast manufacturer. Mast with flagis comprising part of visual identity of eachcompany, organization, and institution. It is also inevitable part of sport, cultural and other facilities. Today, due to its favorable price, mastis available to the population, whether individual who wants to put a mastin front of his home, company, store, restaurant, etc.





In our offer you can find fiberglass masts, white, height 6,8,10,12 meters.


Features of a mast:
• Mast is conus, elastic, tolerant to mild bending due to which it is resistant to wind strikes and other weather conditions.
• Mastsare not colored, and require no further maintenance
• Material used for manufacturing our mastscauses no friction due to which is it not necessary to ground it for protection from lighting strike.
• System with internal mechanism and rotating head allow flagto rotate 360 degrees, which significantly contribute to longevity, of itself mast.
• G carrierallow flagtoo be wide spread at all times and clearly visible.
• Anchorbase is a hinge-like system due to which placing mast in the ground is very simple.
• Lockallows insurance of flagsfrom unauthorized lowering or theft.
• Mast installment is very simple, it can be put onto both, ground andconcrete surfaces. Due to its lightness, it is possible to install masts on the top of the buildings.
• We stress out that flagcan be removed from mast if wind strikes exceed 45km/h,to prolong duration of flag.


Masts we install are manufactured in accordance with European standards and regulations. Warranty for masts with proper maintenance is 5 years. Our companyprovides assembly, transport and installment of mast on desired location. We provide all necessary warranties and certificates and offer full maintenance, service and spare parts.We will respond to your requests in competent and professional way in the shortest possible term.
Flag on mastcan be put in free-fall, without Gcarrier. This way of posting flagis particularly recommendable during winters, and when are used flags made of mesh polyester. In offer we have mobileconcretebases for masts, which allows you to move them around.

GMT Company offers printing and manufacturing flags of all types and sizes, and with finishing we secure simple posting flags on mast.


Pdf with instructions for displaying the flag on the mast see here
Pdf with a way of flagging see here
Pdf with the method of mounting and installing the mast see here
Pdf with technical drawing of the mast and feet see here




In addition to classic masts in its assortment, GMT Company has facade and telescopic masts

We remind you that in addition to flags and masts, here you can order flagsfor indoor use (ceremonialflags), stands and footages. For fairs and other manifestations you can order custom-printed tents with desired printing, brandedsunshade umbrellas, beach flag framework, beachflags. Pursuant to your needs, we can manufacture for youmastsat very favorable prices.