What material should I choose if my flag is set outside?

Choosing high quality material (standard or mesh – polyester 115gr) provides the best options for outdoor conditions. The materials and the print itself (colors) are UV protected and as such are resistant to all atmospheric influences. With the application of our high quality print and sewing, you will be assured that your flags will look great outdoors.


Can I change the shape of my flags?

Of course. Rectangular shape is the most common choice for flags, but there are plenty of other flag shapes that look striking. Other flag shapes that can be ordered at affordable prices are:

  • Beach flag shark: the flags are curved at the top, making it look like a bird’s wing
  • Beach flag tear: these flags are also curved, and the curve gives them the appearance of a tear or a drop of liquid
  • Beach flag dolphin: a flag reminiscent of dolphin fins

What are the standard sizes for the Serbian flag?

The national flag of Serbia is made in the legal ratio of 3:2. Since we cooperate with many state institutions and embassies, in our company you can always buy flags in standard sizes, which are: 40x26cm, 60×40, 120x80cm, 150x100cm, 200x133cm, 300x200cm. We always have these dimensions in stock.


Do you sell masts – flag poles?

We sell fiberglass masts by a renowned Swedish manufacturer. The masts are made of polyester fibers, require no maintenance or earthing, and also come with a G-flag carrier. We have masts of the following heights: h6m, h8m, h10m and h12m. In addition to the sale of masts, we also offer their installation, erection and transport to the location.


What size flags do you recommend for the masts you sell?

When it comes to the masts we sell, a flag of a certain size, i.e. a flag of a certain dimension, is placed on each mast. The flags we recommend are:

  • mast H6m flag 100x300cm/120x300cm
  • mast h8m flag 100x400cm/120x400cm/150x400cm
  • mast H10cm flag 100x500cm/120x500cm/150x500cm
  • mast H12cm flag 120x600cm/150x600cm

How long can I expect to use my flags when they are outside? What is the lifespan of a flag?

How long a flag will last depends on how it is displayed and raised. Flags that are raised outside all day and night, and flags that are raised during heavy rain, snow, or wind will wear out much faster than flags that are raised occasionally or that get folded away when the weather is inclement.

European flag standard is three to six months. If you want the flags to last longer, bring them inside when the weather is bad.


Can I choose different images for the front and back of the flag?

It is possible to choose different prints for each side, but only for the flags that go inside, i.e. which are made on crepe satin 160gr. For flags that are made on polyester 115gr, it is impossible to have two different images (front and back). This flag is transparent i.e. translucent, which gives it the ability to open and flutter nicely (the flag is the same from the front and back).


Does multicolor printing affect the price of a flag?

The flags are printed in digital sublimation technology, where we paint white materials in the colors of the print you want. So, the number of colors present in the preparation i.e. the flag does not affect the price of the flag.


Are your flags fire-resistant?

The flags that are manufactured in our company are fire resistant, i.e. they do not disperse the flames but are melted by the fire. We also have FR (fire resistant) materials with a certificate of resistance.


What bases/stands can be used to print a street/mobile flag?

All models of mobile flags that we manufacture have a suitable base on which the flag is mounted. The beachflag-blockflag stands we own are:

  • Metal stand (plate with rotor) 3,4kg
  • PVC spike h41cm
  • Concrete block 25kg
  • Legs with rotor and tank

Do you have embroidered flags?

We do not have embroidered flags. We exclusively make flags in direct digital printing.


What is the difference between sublimation and screen printing?

Sublimation printing is an eco-technology with water-based inks. It provides cheaper small-batch printing and reduces production time. Sublimation printing gives better print resolution and full color printing capability.

Screen print is an older technology with aggressive colors. It is much less favorable for smaller print runs, and the price of a product depends on the number of colors in the print and the amount of print.


How long will it take to print and sew a flag once the design is approved?

After we get the design and review it, it takes 5 -7 days to print and sew the flag. If the circulation is larger, we will inform you about the exact deadline based on the quantity you order.


Is there a discount for larger quantities?

Yes, prices are based on the quantity i.e. squaring of the print you are ordering. So we grant additional rebates for larger quantities.


Can I design my own flag on your website?

No, we do not currently have a flag design platform, but we will be able to offer you this type of service soon. You can now download disassembly/layout for production on our website


Why is there no price listed on your website?

Prices are formed according to the flag squaring and the flag model you choose. Because we make flags in print to your taste and in the dimension of your choice. You can check the standard flag sizes at: