The Serbs has own flag for ages. It is similar in Serbian Orthodox church and comprises of three fields: red, blue and white. In the middle of blue field is a cross with four firesteels which is some interpretations symbolize four Cyrillic letters „S“, indicating age tendency of Serbian people to unify, as in slogan „Only unity saves the Serbs“. Flag is a holy to the Serbs, many Serbian heroes and armies fought battles under them. Not at any cost of large number of victims it could be captured by the enemy.On significant national and churchholidays, flag is raised on the temples and official buildings of the Serbian Orthodox church. The poem on battle significance is as follows:


Red was the blood spilled in Kosovo;
Blue sky as freedom is ideal of the Serbs;
White was the milk that my dear mother nursed me with;
One wreath– three colors, Serbian tricolor flag it is…


Flags with church and religious motifs are manufactured specially in accordance with user’s preference.
We can manufacture them in all dimensions and shapes. We are the only one on the market using special materials that give flags archaic looksand special warmth.
Church flags are used both, for outdoor and indoor decoration.


Church flags are printed on imported materials of renowned foreign manufacturers. Material on which we manufacture flags is polyester 115-125 gr. for outdoor use or on crepe satin 140 -160 gr. for indoor use. Flags for indoor use are made as double and decorated with yellow or gold fringes. Flags for indoor use are placed on the stand that can be wooden, brass or stainless steel. Flags can be placed on facadecarrier, mast or spear..


Pursuant to your needs, we can manufacture church flags at very favorable prices.



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