The benefits of GMT COMPANY-facts that tell us about-where quality is measured

A wide range of products

You can order multiple product types, different or the same design.

You are not limited by the amount of items you are buying.

We have more than 100 articles for different purposes.

On-site expert advice

The sales team of GMT Company will advise you about choosing a product or service personally, by telephone or via online contacts.

Our sales representatives have great experience and knowledge in the field of marketing and digital printing.

Choose the size of the product as you like

Choose a product between the standard or desired sizes. Almost all products can be produced in completely individual sizes, without any additional costs.

The choice is giving you more freedom in implementing your ideas.                                                                                                                                                                                  

4 godine

After your order, the information about your press (preparation and demos) is stored on the GMT Company server for the next 4 years.

With the following order, you can easily and quickly repeat the request.

Digital printing with special colors

Digital full color printing allows you a wide range of colors.

We use the tone chart (CMYK palette) based on which you can choose your tone.

Quality control preparation

Our design team provides you with free control of the quality of the delivered preparation. If the preparation for the press meets our criteria, it will be sent to the press.

In the event of any errors, you will be contacted by a mailed email mail to provide better preparation or accept our professional fix services

Benefits for intermediaries, permanent clients and local governments

GMT Company offers resellers (agents) and marketing agencies additional benefits.

Longtime associates make an additional discount on quantities.

Local self-governments, municipalities and public institutions have an additional discount.

Discounts in quantity

You can buy many products at a better price if you order a larger quantity.

Very attractive prices and discounts for larger quantities.

Resellers may receive additional privileges upon request.

Delivery of goods express by mail for almost all products

We offer you the possibility to take goods in our premises or send them via express mail to the indicated address. Agreed deadlines are our priority, but we do not bear responsibility if the express service fails to perform its task.

Delivery all over Europe with adequate paperwork and logistics by export freight forwarders with whom we cooperate.

Made in Serbia

All the certificates necessary to prove the quality of our products are available to you.
Customers are provided with an appropriate warranty, respecting the usage rules and product usage instructions.

We stand behind the quality and respect of the agreed deadlines.
Buying is a matter of trust-confidence in the quality of GMT COMPANY.

Product quality GMT Company

All products are printed with high quality colors and on certified materials for this type of printing.

We offer a selection of quality materials for different purposes and budgets.

GMT Company was founded in 1993.

We are engaged in the digital printing of large size formats for indoor and outdoor use in the field of textiles, so we are unique in these areas. GMT Company follows innovative technologies in the field of digital printing and invests in state-of-the-art equipment.

The capacities of our production at the daily level are over 2500 square meters of printing.

Results achieved in 2015.

We meet the criteria of prudential excellence which, in accordance with the assessment of the company BISNODE.

Our company is ranked among 2% of business entities in Serbia that has a AAA rating, which is at the same time the best credit rating that exists.